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About me … I’m Alex and i will write mostly about eCommerce in general ,strategy,marketing but whatever interesting topic of the day cames up , i will share it . i don’t want to bore you folks with too much useless informations but rather inspire you to achieve your goal by sharing how other succeeded on a internet business

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Motivational Thoughts-3

Originally posted on With Nature-By Tanusri Sen:
Result of anything comes out from lot of days’ steady,continuous hard working. Never lose hope,continue your hard working. Don’t waste your time thinking about mistakes but do remember the mistakes and learn the lessons from it. Every mistake carries some lessons. Thank you for reading. Let us make…

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Originally posted on With Nature-By Tanusri Sen:
Copyright © Tanusri Sen Thank you for reading ! Let us make a beautiful World together ! God Bless this entire Universe !

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Spouses, learn to accommodate each other for happiness in marriage

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In marriage, you must learn to accommodate each other. If you as husband and wife do not learn to accommodate each other, it will be difficult for you both. Each of you has faults. You are bound to have differences. You must learn to get on well despite your…

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