How Luxy Hair Became A Top Ecommerce Hair Extension Brand

Luxy Hair is one of the most popular and successful ecommerce brands in the world.

The husband-and-wife team started out by buying $20,000 worth of hair extensions on Alibaba, after discovering that they couldn’t find the hair extensions they wanted.

They even have an elaborate “check out our factory” page, which is nice to see.

How do they do their marketing?

1. Highly-watchable tutorial videos on YouTube brought them over 3,000,000 subscribers

Luxy Hair has over 3,000,000 subscribers on YouTube.

As co-founder Alex Ikonn pointed out, hair products are a ‘visual product’ – people want to see and learn how to do their hair better, and will watch dozens of videos of tutorials and explainers so they can do it too.

The brand was relatively early to the channel, starting in 2010, and has been posting quality content for 7 years now.

If you look at the specific videos titles, you’ll notice that practically all of them are optimized to match what people might be searching for, with phrases like “hairstyles for short/medium length hair“, “how to french braid“, “hairstyle trends of 2017” and so on.

2. Effective communication of their value proposition

Not everybody knows that they’d want hair extensions – but they’ll know when they see a hairstyle that they like.

Luxy Hair understands this, and positions accordingly. It’s classic ‘concreteness in marketing‘.

If you drop by their site, you’ll see that they don’t show you the extensions to start with – rather, they show you what your hair could look like.

By getting their customers to choose what sort of hair they want, they make it easier for them to imagine buying some hair extensions.

3. Luxy Hair uses Instagram well – over 420,000 followers

Add a + to the end of the link and you’ll see that they’ve gotten almost 40,000 clicks through to the shop from Instagram in the past year or so.

4. Getting quality reviews from influencers

The beauty industry is one that’s full of bloggers and influencers, with a ‘share your reviews’ culture.

“… Our initial biggest win was a YouTuber with about 15,000 subscribers reviewing our product. This did way more for us than any magazines mention can do as we’ve been featured and it’s nothing compared real people on YouTube.” – Alex Ikonn

Luxy Hair gets a lot of traction from winning over reviewers all over the internet. Some bloggers even do comparisons between multiple products, with Luxy Hair coming out on top.

All in all, it’s clear that Luxy Hair is a strong ecommerce brand with lasting power.


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