A List of 11 Snazzy Referral Program Examples in Fashion Ecommerce

What these 7 stories had in common was that they created a product they truly cared about, and went great lengths to spread word-of-mouth.

To add to that list, here are 10 fashion ecommerce brands that are using referral programs to gain more customers and increase sales:

1. Okabashi – 100%-recyclable footwear with foot support.



ReferralCandy did a case study with Okabashi. We found that their referred customers spent, on average, 13.2% more than their regular customers did!

2. True&Co – Lingerie store with personalized measurements and selections.



True&Co Referral page
True&Co’s referral page

 3. Wool Overs – Cashmere, cotton and wool knitwear.

Wool Overs - Finest cashmere, cotton and wool knitwear


Wool Overs Referral page
Wool Over’s referral page

 4. Dyer & Jenkins – Premium denim and knitwear.

Dyer & Jenkins


Dyer & Jenkins Referral page
Dyer & Jenkins’ referral page

 5. Ministry of Supply – Menswear infused with performance technology.

Ministry of Supply


MoS Referral pop-up
Ministry of Supply’s referral pop-up

6. Greats – Classically-designed sneakers with luxury materials.



Greats Referral page
Greats’ referral page

7. Beckett Simonon – Quality mens shoes and boots.

Beckett Simonon


Beckett Simonon Referral page
Beckett Simonon’s referral page

8. Perkla – Online fashion discounts for students.



Perkla Referral page
Perkla’s referral page

9. Bonobos – Great-fitting menswear with superb customer service.



Bonobos Referral page
Bonobos’ referral page

10. Sesura – Womenswear from Taiwan, Japan and Korea.



Sesura Referral page
Sesura’s referral page


11. Recliner – luxury pajamas, sleepwear and loungewear


12. Leonisa – modern lingerie brand

Leonisa’s referral email

13. Nisolo – ethical, handmade shoes and accessories

Nisolo referral program page ReferralCandy

14. Everlane –minimalist apparel

15. 1950 collective – pop culture + social justice lifestyle brand

1950 Collective Referral Program Page ReferralCandy

We hope this list has inspired you to attract more customers and increase sales with the help of a referral program!

Whether you’re selling bags, shoes, or dresses, referral programs are a great way to spread awareness of your brand and reward your customers at the same time. Your customers love talking about where they got their stuff!


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