B2B Referral Program Examples: Google Apps


It’s always interesting to witness when an established company (Amazon, for example) decides to set up a referral program. Today, let’s look at one of Google’s.

Here’s the pitch, explaining what you need to do and what’s in it for you:

There are three simple panels describing the actions you need to take:


Here’s the signup page:


Fairly straightforward, though maybe the form could be a little more presentable.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a referral email in your inbox.

Here’s what the referral email looks like:



Let’s look a little closer at the step-by-step explainer:


The visual style follows Google’s flat, material design aesthetic, which makes it look warm and familiar to any Google user.

Interesting to see that Google uses a URL shortener in the form of https://goo.gl/

You’ll also receive the following as a PDF attachment in the referral remail:



All in all, a pretty simple, no-frills referral program that’s straightfoward and effective.


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