Shaver Referral Program Examples: Bevel

Bevel is a shaving and grooming solution designed for men with coarse, curly hair.

Bevel was founded by Tristan Walker, an early employee of Twitter who was frustrated with the quality of his shaves.


Today, Bevel has grown substantially, with over 11,000 followers on Instagram.

Let’s check out their referral program:

Bevel Referral Page


1. Bevel allows advocates to personalize their referral link, making it easier for sharing and remembering.

Bevel Referral Code Personalization

This is a nice feature that achieves two good things:

  1. It allows the advocate to easily remember his link, and share it from memory (typing it out in the middle of an IM chat, for example)
  2. It makes the link more reassuring for referred friends, who might be able to tell from the URL alone who’s referring them.


2. The rewards are substantial– $30 value for Advocates AND $30 off for Referred Friends


There are a few things worth examining here:

  1. Dual-sided incentives are a great choice– they work better than single-sided incentives, because both parties win.
  2. For a subscription service like Bevel, it’s smart to give a discount rather than a cash reward to the Advocate– it encourages repeat purchases. (Learn more: How to set up incentives for your referral program)

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