Designer Fashion Referral Program Examples: Amuze

Amuze is a members-only fashion portal that gives discounts on authentic designer labels.

They feature a wide range of brands for both gentlemen and ladies, such as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.

Amuze homepage


Members can enjoy discounts of up to 80% off, and participate in flash sales and daily deals. The dress from Chloe in the image above is going for only $165, as compared to the original price of $2,275. Wow.

Customers can even vote for certain items to be featured as a daily deal through Instagram hashtags.

Let’s take a look at their referral program:

1. Their referral program is very visible on their homepage.

Amuze homepage referral program CTA

The referral program CTA at the header pops out, and it cannot be missed.

A second referral program CTA appears in a form of an image. To be honest, I did miss that second CTA; I thought the red dress was the main subject.

So always make it a point to have your referral program CTA distinct from everything else around it.

2. Their referral process is simple and straightforward.

Amuze referral program sign up page

Clicking on either referral program CTA buttons will lead you to a signup page, after which you’ll be able to start referring.

Amuze referral program page ReferralCandy

You get a unique referral link, which you can share with your friends through email, Facebook or Twitter.

The referral process is straightforward: referred friends get a $25 discount on their first purchase, and the advocate gets a $25 discount on his next purchase.

Stuff to note:

When you consider the prices of designer labels, $25 might not seem like much. However, Amuze’s flash sales and daily discounts allow the $25 to have a much better impact.

Consider these ties:

Amuze Gucci ties

Being able to discount an already discounted tie by another $25 is pretty darn sweet.

Despite the high price points of designer products, Amuze manages to make their referral program work in their favor.

Their insane discounts are part of their selling point, and their referral program helps to drive the prices down further, and gain more customers in the process.


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