List of The Best Customer Acquisition Content Available on the Internet

To boost your customer acquisition efforts, you need to be knowledgeable on various topics, such as SEO, content marketing, email marketing, website UX and web analytics.

We searched the messy and crowded land of the Internet, and put together a list of awesome customer acquisition content for you:



SEO allows your site to be more visible to potential customers by ranking higher in search engines (e.g. first page of search results).

These guides will provide you with the data you need to understand what your customers are searching for, and how credible you are in the eyes of Google and other search engines:

best-customer-acquisition-content-available-on-the-internet-Content marketing

Content marketing involves producing content that is relevant and helpful to customers.

The idea is to attract new customers and retain old ones by providing them with relevant content that they’ll love.

Read these articles for useful tips on how to create better and more appealing content for your customers!

best-customer-acquisition-content-available-on-the-internet-Email marketing

When you send hundreds or thousands of emails to customers, be it an invite, brochure, or newsletter, you want to know that they’re gaining the traction that you desire. No point putting in effort if you can’t measure its effectiveness!

These articles, written by providers of the best email marketing tools around, will guide you in formulating your own email marketing strategy, so that you know exactly what you’re doing:

best-customer-acquisition-content-available-on-the-internet-Social media marketing

Every social media platform works differently, and serves a different purpose. Your business might be suitable for some platforms and not others.

These articles will help you understand which social media platforms you should be focusing on, and how to utilize them effectively:

best-customer-acquisition-content-available-on-the-internet-Referral marketing

We all engage in online and offline referral marketing when we share interesting or horrible things with our social networks. As a retailer, it’s tedious to manage your own referral program.

Explore the following articles to gain an understanding on how referral marketing works, and what are the options when it comes to creating your very own referral campaign:


Getting traffic is the first step. The challenge now is converting these visitors into actual paying customers. The tools to improve your CRO are incredibly powerful, but might also be complicated.


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