10 Ways Ecommerce Brands Can Increase Traffic And Sales With Facebook [Infographic]

10 Ways Ecommerce Brands Can Increase Traffic And Sales With Facebook

1. Use Images

Images perform better on Facebook than any other kind of post.

  • Images with context perform EVEN better. Make your images self explanatory or add a text overlay
  • Posts with images get 39% more engagement

2. Sell the lifestyle around your product.

Customers are likelier to buy if they can imagine life with your product.

Create vivid imagery for your customers:

  • Setting: Will they use it at home? With friends?
  • Visual Style: Sophisticated? Soft?
  • Related Products: What’s the toothbrush to your toothpaste?

3. Create themed product collages

Collages are more interesting than plain old product shots

  • They trigger associations in the viewer’s mind.
  • We don’t use products in isolated contexts, so why should we look at them as such?

4. Run giveaways


  • 42% of customers like a brand on Facebook to receive coupons and discounts


5. Offer time-sensitive discounts

Time-sensitive discounts induce urgency

  • Discounts can be  worth the cost because they bring in new customers
  • By including minimum purchase limits, you boost sales without bleeding dry
  • 60% of women have made an impulse buy in the last year

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6. Offer gift cards

Channel the holiday spirit

  • The National Retail Federation found 81% of Americans purchased gift cards during the holidays.
  • They also that 70% of customers spent more than the cards value.

7. Run contests

Contests excite your customers

  • Encourage sharing to attract more customers
  • 35% of Facebook users like a page so they can participate in contests

8. Ask questions

Get your customers talking!

  • Customers want to be heard. Asking questions in your posts give them permission to share
  • Posts with questions get 2x more comments

9. Offer free shipping

Snag boatloads of new customers

  • 20% of consumers say free shipping is the MOST important factor when shopping online
  • 52% of shopping carts were abandoned due to a lack of free shipping

10. Use a custom Facebook store app

Use apps to complement your customers’ experience

  • Introduce your products to your customers ASAP.
  • There are many options for Facebook store apps that work with most ecommerce platforms.

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