Ecommerce Mistakes

Here are the 6 primary categories of ecommerce mistakes, in ‘chronological’ order:


  1. Critical Business Mistakes – We’re looking at your fundamental business model here. If you screw this up, even the best website and marketing won’t save you, because nobody’s interested in buying your stuff.
  2. Marketing Mistakes – You have a valid solution, but your customers don’t even know about it. How do you find your first customer? This is about lead generation.
  3. Common Website Mistakes – You have customers who want to buy your wonderful products, but your site is broken.
  4. Customer Experience Mistakes – Your site works, but it’s hard to use, hard to navigate, slow to load… just frustrating. Your customer lands, but leaves.
  5. Closing Sale Mistakes – Suppose your store is an absolute breeze to navigate. Despite this, some customers stay away- because of shipping costs, or missing information about return policies, etc.
  6. Post-Purchase Mistakes – Do you follow up? Do you measure what works? Do you work towards a community for your customers? This stuff is icing on the cake for smaller companies, but it could also be their competitive advantage.

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