Hardware Referral Program Examples: Saleae Logic Analyzers


Saleae is a firm based in San Francisco that builds logic analyzers.

Here’s an entertaining nugget from their About page:

“While on a mission to create the iron man suit, the brothers became disgruntled with the state of available logic analyzers.”

(Made me think about how SpaceX is making reusable rockets to lower the cost of space travel.)

We’re featuring them today for just one simple reason:

Their referral page is incredibly stylish!

Not only does it look pretty, it serves the referral.

Saleae uses ReferralCandy’s white-label add-on, which allows them to have complete customizability over their Referral page. And they designed this beautiful, snazzy thing.

I love the succinct copy and the Airmail-inspired envelope. The benefit is clearly stated, the handshake emphasizes it, and the envelope is practically begging to be filled, folded and sent away.

I don’t have any use for Logic Analyzers myself, but this almost tempts me to go find people who do!

The envelope at the bottom really seals the deal, for me.

Overview of Referral Program

Brand Saleae
Product / service type Logic Analyzers
Referral method – Email
– Unique referral URL, Email, Google+, Twitter- You have to sign up for an account with the site to use it
Referral Reward When referee purchases product through the referred link, referer gets $20 to SparkFun, an online electronics store
Referred Friend Offer After clicking on referral link (through direct URL or Email): 20% off first purchase

I think the simple learning point here is that visuals can actually be functional and serve the intended purpose!

Can you think of more examples online where visuals actually improve the shopper’s experience? They should be celebrated.


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