We are made of Stardust

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Nebulae, among the most beautiful and awe inspiring forms in the universe, are found woven throughout the spiral arms of our galaxy. They are the most active star making regions. These nebulae are giant clouds of gas and dust which gather from the mateones. blown out by dying stars.

You see, the universe wastes nothing. Stars die and many more are born from it. Nebulae contain the raw ingredients of both the stars and of us.

The primordial atomic elements of the universe were hydrogen and helium. These light elements are able to make a star, but not us. For life like ours to be possible, additional heavier elements such as carbon, oxygen and nitrogen are required. These elements were forged inside the nuclear furnaces of the first generation of stars, where the temperature was sufficient to cause smaller elements to fuse into larger ones.

When these first generation stars…

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