WordPress SEO: The Definitive Guide for Bloggers

Get More Traffic From Google and Other Search Engines Through WordPress

This guide is about WordPress SEO and the reason why this guide exists is because you love the attention of people.

I don’t know many people that start a blog with the intention of having nobody read it. Blogging without an audience is nothing more than talking to yourself.

I do that all of the time but every once in a while I want someone to hear my words.

That means you need to figure out how to get people to your blog and you can do this a number of different ways.

  • Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Word of Mouth
  • Search Engine Marketing

Successful blogs are only successful because they are able to get in front of the right audience.

Gone are the days of trying to get thousands of pageviews from Stumbleupon that only send you people that stay on your site for 2 seconds.

You want people in search of a problem and they find your site because you are offering the solution.

This is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO from now on) is the practice of improving your site so it does better in search engine rankings. For the sake of brevity, when I mention Google in this book it refers to every other search engine, but because Google is the dominant search engine it makes sense to focus on it.

SEO has been around since the advent of search engines and for very good reason. If you can get to the #1 spot for a key phrase in the search engine rankings, then you will get the majority of traffic for that phrase.

getting #1 google wordpress

Studies have shown that the #1 spot for a search result gets 33% of the clicks. One out of every 3 people on a search result page will click the top spot.

In fact, take look at how quickly traffic drops for other results:

  1. 32.5%
  2. 17.6%
  3. 11.4%
  4. 8.1%
  5. 6.1%
  6. 4.4%
  7. 3.5%
  8. 3.1%
  9. 2.6%
  10. 2.4%

If a phrase is getting 100,000 searches every month, that means the top site is pulling in 33,000 people a month just from that search query!

And that is just for one search query.

Imagine what happens with the other 100s of searches that people are doing to get to your site?
That is why SEO is a huge market on its own.

The difference between being #2 – #10 on the first page is huge. Some people are happy just to get their sites indexed by Google and appear on the 2nd or 3rd page of a search result but as you can see if you aren’t on the first page to start you aren’t going to be doing much traffic.

How do you start getting some of the juicy traffic to your site?

That is what this post is about.

It is made for bloggers so the focus is on WordPress. Why? Because it is the largest blogging platform in the world and powers over 20% of the websites on the Internet.

Many of the principles that you learn in this post can be applied to any site, but there are some WordPress specific things, like plugins, that cater to the WordPress crowd.

When dealing with SEO it is important to remember that you are not working in a vacuum. Just because you make these improvements to your blog doesn’t mean that you will suddenly be #1.

You are competing with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of other sites for the exact same search terms.

While you are improving your site, they could be improving theirs as well.

The principles in this post will help you set a strong foundation for any SEO activity that you wish to pursue in the future.


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