All About Black holes Part-2

Research Overloaded

Theoretically if we could produce a sound louder than 1100db concentrated on a single point in space, we could create a black hole. But it is easier said than done. Firstly decibels are logarithmic units that means that 20db is not twice as 10db it’s actually 10 times more powerful, so 1100db is 10 followed by 109 zeroes times as powerful. Secondly, a sound of that magnitude would require 10^98 watt/square metre.

You could theoretically turn anything into a black hole.

If you shrunk our Sun down to a size of only 3.7 miles (6 km) across, for example, then you would have compressed all of the mass in our sun down to an incredibly small space, making it extremely dense and also making a black hole.

If you could squeeze earth down to the size of a wedding ring it would become a black hole. You could even become…

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