Useful ecommerce tips from the Etsy commmunity

If you read nothing else:

Check out the Etsy Seller Handbook Archives, which lays out a holistic education on the art and science of selling. It’s a fantastic resource, even to merchants and retailers not using Etsy.

Read it from start to finish, or a bit at a time, or pick out whatever issue you might be struggling with.

Better-informed sellers -> sweeter marketplace.


20 questions YOUR BUYERS are asking!!, by SparkleRama

The hardest and most important thing to do for anybody selling anything is to get into the minds of their buyers. 

We’re typically familiar with the value of our own products, and we struggle to communicate that to others because we take it for granted. Put yourself in the shoes of your buyers as much and as often as you possibly can. Listen closely to your buyers and figure out what they care about, what they’re interested in.

Helpful links for sellers: Newbie/beginner setup guides

Lots of aggregated and neatly curated information.

Tweaks that has tripled my takings, by VintageScraps

  1. Pictures: Take better pictures (use natural light), adjust exposure to make it look good.
  2. Search Words: Have a great slogan with highly-searched words. (Check Google trends, search for “most searched words”, etc.
  3. Go the extra mile. Add ribbons and personal notes. Delight them, and they turn into advocates who advertise your store.

Coupons codes – Can they be overused/abused?

Give out too many, too freely, and you may hurt your profits. At the same time, they might help you expand your business altogether, so you might be making sales that you wouldn’t otherwise have made. Due dates feel impersonal and “corporate”, but consumers are used to them and wouldn’t think negatively of it.

Huge list of ways to help promote and advertise your shop + marketing tips.

  1. Blog. It gets you more business.
  2. Cross promotion. (Guest posts, designer spotlights, style guide, contests and collaborations. All of these essentially say “Get involved with your community and contribute.”)
  3. Press list: Build one.

Lots of reading to be had!

Are you new to selling online? Marketing tips to get you started.

  1. Branding. Develop a clear identity that’s communicable and shareable. Be cohesive, consistent, coherent and professional.
  2. Clarity in communication. NEVER allow your customers to be confused or uncertain about anything. Exchange policies. Refund policies. Shipping. Have an FAQ.

GIVEAWAYS: Increase your online shop’s exposure through giveaways.

Decide on a prize, and embellish it clearly. Hold a contest. Be direct about how it works, and what needs to be done. (Get contestants to perform tasks that are interesting, fun and meaningful if possible.) Setup a giveaway. Publicize, promote.

Newbies: Here’s why you’re not selling yet.

It takes time to build relationships and connections, which are fundamental to sales. Have a great product, and build the relationships.


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