10 daily habits for productivity

Tips from Sharvi

We’ve all gone through times when we know that we’ve worked hard, felt exhausted, and yet missed our set targets! This may apply to both, your personal/professional circumstances.

While I’m not a ‘Productivity Guru’, I’ve spent consequent amount of time reading about the subject and practicing, so that I improve myself. In this blog post, I’ll share with you 10 tips, that have contributed towards my betterment…


Among various definitions of the word ‘productive’ by The Oxford Dictionaries, I find ‘Achieving a significant amount or result’, to be the most appropriate for the context of my blog.

How to be productive, achieve your goals/objectives, and keep a cool head all at the same time? These are my top 10 daily habits:

1. To-do list

Always plan your professional and personal commitments. Have a to-do list, each for your daily, weekly, monthly and longer-term/strategic needs. Always plan in advance and cater…

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