10 reasons to persevere

Tips from Sharvi

What’s the ultimate secret to success? Different people would give different answers to this question. However, while many things do truly contribute to your success, without perseverance/persistence, all your efforts would fall apart! As per the Oxford Dictionaries perseverance is ‘Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success’.

My relationship with ‘perseverance’ has been a strong one! While I previously studied in the field of Business Administration (on a part-time basis), I also gained corporate working experiences at the same time. However, I’ve chosen to work from home with flexibility, being my own boss, doing different things (including blogging). This was a major decision, asking for much perseverance on my part, especially since I had to start afresh. I’ve been running my own businesses for over 5 years already!

I’ll share with you some reasons for perseverance, that consistently give me the punch and boost that I…

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