6 reasons to be yourself

Tips from Sharvi

Being yourself,… I mean ‘truly’ being yourself is often a challenge! As babies, we start growing up, and gradually learn how to behave, what to say, what to think, in brief, we are taught to conform to the societal norms of our environment. We learn many good things, and at the same time, feel the need to abide by group pressure.

I’m convinced that while I should acknowledge and accept moral values for my own benefit and for that of society and the wider world, being myself is primordial to my existence!

True to yourself

Being true to yourself is important. When you take decisions, especially big ones, these are bound to impact your future. Being your true self gives you the right state of mind to take the right decisions.

Set your goals

When you are true to yourself, you are likely to set the right goals for yourself…

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