Achieving sheer happiness!

Tips from Sharvi

What does ‘happiness’ mean to you? Often people relate happiness to finding their true soul mate, others, to buying a huge house, a prestigious car, earning a six or eight figure income, and so on… Happiness means different things to different people.

Through this blog post, I wish to explore in a nutshell, the 5 W’s and the H (who, what, when, where, why and how), about finding happiness, according to what I think and feel.


Who is responsible in making you happy? We may feel that when things are terrific with the one we fancy / our spouse, our peers, then we’re happy. However, happiness depends much on our own attitude and the way we see and accept things.

Mature people understand such things better, having had more experience.


What makes you happy? Does buying a great penthouse, or starting an eight figure salary job, make people…

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