Carbohydrates. Truth or hype. Is the end for this food group in sight?

Refocused Wellness

Carbohydrates. Atabu word in the health and fitness world today. Sadly the wide spread dislike of carbohydrates does not differentiate and thus ALL carbohydrates are given a bad rap. Unfortunately, society has us misinformed.

Carbohydrates are KEY to your body functions, structure and overall your health maintenance and weight loss goals! When you eliminate an entire food category — a macronutrient at that, your body is MISSING major vitamins and minerals that are REQUIRED for optimal body function. This means, if your looking for more energy, you NEED to consume the foods appropriate to give you just that!

So what exactly is a “Carb” &

What do you mean by macronutrient?

Macronutrients are nutrients (nutrition) that contain essential vitamins and minerals that the body is not able to make on its own. These are items such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats that are NEEDED for your everyday survival. For…

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