Tips from Sharvi

Chocolate,… who can resist it?  I’m not a chocoholic!  I however do have cravings from time to time!  Chocolate bars, chocolate cakes, donuts, brownies, mousse, ice cream, shakes, hot chocolate, melted chocolate, cold chocolate, frozen…  Wow!!!

Chocolate is defined as ‘a food in the form of a paste or solid block made from roasted and ground cacao seeds, typically sweetened and eaten as confectionery’, by  While being a true relish, over-consumption often leads to obesity, sugar-related illness, and more, entailing further health complications.  However, luckily, we can strike a reasonable balance between enjoying chocolate and watching our health, at the same time!

While cravings should be controlled, I personally don’t crave on a daily basis. These are some of my ideas, that could be of help to others:

  1. Keeping very little / no chocolate at home, helps in lower consumption.
  2. Opting for semi-sweet / dark / bitter chocolate, could…

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