Eating Organic On A Budget

Refocused Wellness

WHY organic??

Simply stated, there are chemicals in your food source, you can’t see, you can’t taste and you are not told they are there. From a clinician stand point, this is a difficult and hot topic.  Its important to weigh the risk verses the benefit. With a central focus on autoimmunity and allergies in our household, choosing organic foods is a priority. It is also concerning that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and its affiliates suggest that the risk of ingestion of pesticides for children exceed that of an adult and can have an impact on the childs’ brain development, specifically IQ, perceptual reasoning, and non-verbal problem solving skills. More information can be found at Pesticide Exposure in Children. Being from New Hampshire our childhood cancer statistics are DOUBLE that of the national average! 

As a family of 4 the cost of groceries is, “do-able”. We spend…

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