Ice cream and alternatives

Tips from Sharvi

I love ice cream! Don’t you? I honestly have never met anyone who ‘hates’ ice cream! What’s so special about this delicacy? Why do we feel tempted to have a lick, as soon as we see one of these? Is it the appearance? is it the chill? Does it bring back past golden memories of carefree childhood…??

I’m allergic to cold, or directly said, have started developing sinus at an early stage. This means that I have to watch my ice cream intake during winter, and also not make an abuse of, for the rest of the year. Lucky are you, if you don’t have to obey such restrictions!

Ice cream is ‘a soft, sweet frozen food made with milk and cream and typically flavoured with vanilla, fruit, or other ingredients’, as per the Oxford Dictionaries. Generally served in a dish / cup or licked from a cone, the variety…

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