I’m Vulnerable, and Thats ok.

Refocused Wellness

I remember the first day, I stepped out of the house with no make up on. My second born was just barely 4 weeks old. The summer sun was hot and I was doing my best to keep my *&it together. My five year old was thriving for my attention, and by thriving, I’m putting it kindly. I truly don’t remember where we were going but I remember the struggle and I remember my “I don’t give F**%” attitude”. I’m pretty sure I still had my maternity yoga pants on and some baggy tank top- but I simply didn’t care. I was clothed the kids were clean and lets face it life will in fact go on. When I reflect back, there is something so freeing about that memory.

At what point did we allow the world out there, to dictate what happens in here. Ok, yes I know there…

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