Self LOVE — Put your oxygen on.

Refocused Wellness

Gaining energy, kindness, compassion and friendships through simply loving yourself.

imagesWhat is it about you that you are proud of? What do you enjoy about yourself? Are you kind? Giving? Thoughtful? A good listener? Maybe you are a hard worker. A good dad. Mom. Wife. Friend.

In my younger years, I struggled. I struggles with who “I” was. I struggled with what I believed in. I allowed others to determine my self-worth. As a fitness and health conscious person, I heard multiple comments about being “to into yourself”. Striving for perfection. I started to believe this in those vulnerable years.

Maturation brought a new vision and with that a breath of confidence and perseverance. Setting goals and achieving them. Pursuing a life “I” wanted to live. Surrounding myself with like-minded people — positive in thought and life perception.

Then came motherhood. Another challenge. As a society, it has been embedded…

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