Should I take the bus or drive my car?

Tips from Sharvi

It happens at times, we get stuck in a dilemma, asking which mode of transportation to take on a particular day. There are pros and cons for each, and except for normal days such as going to work or school, where our routine and time keeping is primordial & pondering on how to get to our destination, wouldn’t be helpful! So instead, let’s think of going for window shopping on a Saturday to relax & enjoy…

I’m ready, all dressed up in my latest casual jeans & a tank top, not in a hurry to get to the city centre mall, where I will meet my friends to unwind this weekend. I consider taking my car, then realize that I haven’t washed it yet for the coming week. I also know that the mall parking is likely to be full, leaving me with the need to wander around to see…

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