Some aspects of being independent

Tips from Sharvi

Have you ever asked yourself how independent you are?  As a child, we are fully dependent on our parents, yearning for admiration and reassurance on everything.  Over the years, we form our peer groups and want their approval, often abiding to peer-pressure at an early age, and even start drinking alcohol and smoking.  Then at work, we find the need to go along organizational politics, to ensure a chance for being promoted,… the list could go on!

Being independent (self-sufficient, self-supporting, self-sustaining, and so on), doesn’t mean that we believe that we don’t need anyone at all.  However we take responsibility for our own happiness, destiny, and the consequences of our actions.  There are different aspects of being independent, that bring holistic wellness at individual level.  I will tell you about some of them, that I believe to be crucial.


Being independent, speeds up decision-making for the individual.  So…

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