Home tech is improving in ways that even the #analog4life crowd can love

City Women & co

December 04, 2018 at 03:45AM

One in five US adults now uses a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Assistant, and they’ve become the gateway to outfitting entire homes with smart products. Yet, while in the past, home tech’s primary purpose was entertainment (think: flashy TVs and an impressive speaker system) the focus now is on making life less stressful.

“Whereas the majority of [my] clients are focused on ‘smart’ technology being integrated into lighting, security, and mechanical systems, more and more early adopters are looking to technology to empower wellness in other areas of their homes and lives,” says architect Veronica Schreibeis-Smith.

People are turning to home tech to get to the bottom of all their wellness woes. Can’t sleep? Just ask your mattress to figure out what’s keeping you up at night. Don’t have the energy to figure out what to eat for dinner? Let…

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