The jury’s out on whether or not exercise can help rev up your sex life

City Women & co

December 03, 2018 at 11:32AM

Picture this: A wellness freelance writer (who sometimes writes about sex) goes on a date (errr, coffee hang, shall we say) with a muscle-bound CrossFit coach. As we walk to grab a cup of Joe, I attempt awkward small talk with the Fabio-bodied man, telling him that: ?I?ve been researching supplements you can take to boost your libido!? (Yes, my voice said it in a tone deserving of an exclamation point. Smoooooth.). Like the first-date trooper he is, he doesn?t take this flub with any sort of insinuation. Instead, he tells me that, as a personal trainer and coach, he likes to talk to his clients about their libido, saying that sudden on-set low libido can be a sign of poor recovery.

Now, he has my attention, I?ll tell you that for sure. But, I wonder: A) How true this…

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