Hey everyone.

So today, I’ll be talking football. Its my first time, so just accept my flaws and mistakes like that oh
First off, I’m a staunch Chelsea fan. Yeaahhh! I have blue blood. Then Barcelona is sort of like my side chick you know.😂. That’s weird for a Chelsea fan, yeah? Well, I love Messi, so there.
Anyway, the balon d’or ceremony held on Monday and for the first time in ten years, the award went to neither Messi or Ronaldo. Luka Modric of Croatia and Real Madrid won it. That’s no news of course.
I’m sorry, but no! I do not think he deserves it. Now, I’m happy that the deadlock has been broken. Its no longer a Messi-Ronaldo affair. But Modric? No!
So you mean to tell me, that in the past 12 months of football, Modric is the undisputable football’s best? If anything, Modric is getting…

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