A 3-step checklist to stay financially healthy after job loss—because it happens, and it’s okay

City Women & co

December 05, 2018 at 05:30AM

So you’ve just been handed a dirty little pink slip (no, unfortunately not the slinky, silky version you might find at the likes of La Perla). It quickly dawns on you that, you’ve just been let go—told to pack your file folders and your ficus and to leave the building, like, now.

What’s your next step? If the voice inside your head is screaming “PANIC!,” with flashes of an eviction notice and moldy bread for dinner and essentially unpayable medical bills crossing your mind, that’s totally normal. But, it?s also completely unnecessary.

Even if you hadn’t been financially planning for a rainy day, with some smart, in-real-time strategizing, you can feel solid about your financial security and overall well-being until that next steady paycheck comes along. Here?s how.

Here, a complete checklist of things to do if you lose your job:

laid off from work
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