Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of Fear


Boy peeking to the other side of fear.

For one moment, right now, imagine what you would be able to achieve if you just went for it. Anything you put your mind to, it would be accomplished. Of course, this comes with struggles and challenges. Can you remember something you wanted to achieve badly or a goal that you set for yourself, and followed up by the thought of “I cannot do this,” or “What if I fail,” or “I’m not good enough?”

Firstly, it’s a natural human reaction to have those thoughts occur when you set big goals for yourself, goals that will make you grow as an individual and stretch your current way of thinking. Secondly, just know that those feelings of fear are completely natural and happen to everyone who has achieved greatness or done something remarkable. However, what mustn’t happen regardless of how rough it may be, is to not let those same exact…

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