Here’s how buying in to fast fashion affects our brains—not just our budgets

City Women & co

October 31, 2018 at 12:15PM

On the scale of addictive behaviors, Carrie Bradshaw?s shoe collection and Sophie Kinsella?s Shopaholic series make obsessive shopping seem about as bad of a habit as ordering oat milk lattes every morning (guilty)—but in reality, it?s a serious affliction that affects one in 20 Americans. The group most likely to develop a shopping dependency? Young women, psychologists at the University of Bergen have found. That’s because addictive shopping behavior typically starts in late adolescence and early adulthood—just when cheap clothing is within financial reach. In the past, most people outgrew their overspending habits as their maturing personal style priced them out of such options. But thanks in big part to the rise of fast fashion, cheap clothing isn’t just for the the young—it’s now for everyone.

What that means is that, in addition to millennial and Gen Z women, an increased number of…

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