How to Work Travel into Your Budget, Whether Your Goal is a Weekend Getaway or an International Escape

City Women & co

October 29, 2018 at 06:30PM

Whether your ideal vacation includes camping in a local state park or traveling across the world, it?s pretty undeniable that travel is the gold standard for unwinding and taking time for ourselves (people don?t hoard vacation days for nothing!)—which makes it a powerful self-care practice.

But finding the time (and money) to dedicate to travel can feel like an impossible task when you?re juggling a full life. To help you figure out how to make travel-life balance work with a budget in mind, Sarah Marks, a psychiatry resident in New York City and the blogger behind Travel Beyond Size, shares her secrets on why she?s such a travel advocate and how she makes her adventures more budget friendly. 

?Travel is an essential and powerful wellness practice.?

?Travel is an essential and powerful wellness practice as it allows you to immerse yourself in new experiences…

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