I took a DNA test to tell me how to work out—and apparently I’m a sprinter

City Women & co

November 30, 2018 at 08:12AM

Earlier this year, I became one of the millions who?ve shipped a swab of saliva to a faraway lab in exchange for beyond-comprehensive DNA profile. Only, I wasn?t really interested in learning about my distant ancestors (sorry, great, great, great Irish grandma!) or which foods would optimize my genes. What I really wanted to know? How my deoxyribonucleic acid informs the time I spend at the gym. Because, yes—a test can totally tell you that now.

To begin my journey of biological self-discovery, I tried both the Vitagene and DNAFit gene-testing options. By the time I?d taken my cheek swab sample, gathered up the courage to go to the post office to ship it off to the lab (because, ugh), and waited patiently for my results to come, two months had gone by. But once I logged into my online profile and discovered the bounty…

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