I tried a mini computer to count my CrossFit reps while I worked out

City Women & co

November 25, 2018 at 10:00AM

CrossFitters have embraced many fashion trends that the non-initiated may balk at, because fashion has to meet function during a WOD. First there were compression knee socks, then there were booty shorts covered in pastry prints, and now we?re living in a world where the Nexus, a high-tech arm sleeve, counts reps for you.

Nexus is geared to adding a little #science to CrossFit. Inside this sleeve sits a what I?ll call a ?mini computer?, which is the shape of a snack-sized Kit Kat, and it provides information about your reps. ?Other trackers do not tell the story of the exertion you are putting your body through externally. Nexus can measure your physical movement patterns, counting reps, and providing meaningful information about your performance and fitness,? explains Mike Dawson, the brand?s CEO.

Before the workout, you let the Nexus app—which you sync up to…

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