It’s Okay Not to Be Okay.

Living like a green olive tree


A lot of us feels like if we cry or show any other emotion other than happy we are weak or something like that. And I think we all are guilty of saying “I’m fine” when we clearly are not!! There is just something about us that doesn’t want to show our real emotions to people. It’s just a way of protecting ourselves, I guess.

But, the truth is…… It’s Okay Not to Be Okay!!  It’s Okay to cry. It’s Okay to have a meltdown. It’s Okay to break.

We are all human. We all go through trails and situations that bring us to our knees. We all have had the time where we just broke from whatever we had been holding in. You can only hold it in so long, until you just kinda fall apart from all the stress, pain, frustration, ect. If it hasn’t happened yet, And you think you have everything under…

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