Just when we thought we’d tried every plank out there, we found the hardest one yet

City Women & co

December 05, 2018 at 10:11AM

When a trainer cues plank position mid-workout, one thing?s for sure: Your abs will be screaming for at least the next two days. And while the stationary version of this killer move is brutal on its own, it seems that every single day yields a creative new way to level up the classic pre-push-up position. Most recently? The ultra-intense seal-walk plank—which, despite its name, is not cute at all.

Recently, Zoë Weiner, associate beauty and fitness editor at Well+Good, faced this move in a morning HIIT class. ?I consider myself a seasoned plank-er, but this move was so, so much harder than anything I?ve ever tried before—including plank jacks and high-to-low planks,? she tells me with lingering fear in her eyes. ?My arms, legs, and core were quaking, and at one point I had to drop to my knees, which is how I…

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