16 things to do or not to do to your spouse


  1. keep your spouse happy.
  2. Appreciate all the sacrifices your spouse makes for you
  3. Do not do things you know will anger your spouse.
  4. Do not make your spouse worried about your love.
  5. Help your spouse to have self confidence and self esteem
  6. Avoid criticizing your spouse.
  7. Be caring and kind to your spouse.
  8. Love your spouse with all your heart.❤️
  9. Be faithful and do not cheat on your spouse.
  10. Do not compete with your spouse.
  11. Collaborate with your spouse.
  12. Make your relationship with your spouse a priority.
  13. Do not take your spouse for granted.
  14. Do not run down your spouse in front of others.
  15. Be supportive of your spouse.
  16. Always fan the fire of your love. Add , if you think of more.😀

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