I bet you didn’t know that olives are actually fruit (because I didn’t)

City Women & co

December 05, 2018 at 01:21PM

If you?re anything like me, you?re probably only eating whole olives in a chopped Greek salad or on top of a cauli-crust pizza (or perhaps in the bottom of a martini). But there?s actually a pretty good argument for grabbing a jar on your next Trader Joe?s run—like the olive oil they generate, whole olives are a simple way to add a hit of nutrients and flavor to pretty much any savory meal.

As The Domestic Dietitian Brynn McDowell, RD, points out, these tiny fruits (yup, they?re fruits!) are a staple in the Mediterranean diet for a good reason. Research indicates that this way of eating slows the aging process, promotes longevity, and boosts good gut bacteria, which is why it?s a favorite of doctors and nutritionists. Of course, olives alone aren?t responsible for all these perks. But it?s safe to say…

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