I went backstage at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and all the Angels had one piece of advice

City Women & co

November 09, 2018 at 09:03AM

Drink a lot of water. It?s the oldest trick in the book, and yet, one that I heard time-and-time again when I went backstage at the Victoria?s Secret Fashion Show (which will air on December 2) this year. While models have access to all the perks of a wellness life well-lived (and while others are known for throwing down some out-there philosophies), it seemed that everyone I talked to this year was back to the basics: chug that H2O, take off your makeup at night, meditate, and squeeze in a sweat sesh when you can.

Let?s be real, it?s not magic, model-making advice, but I do think that there?s something to nailing the good-for-you basics (or picking one good habit to start making) and keeping consistent on a regular basis. From there, it?s all about what makes you feel good and in your own skin…

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