Imagination -A great Art !!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”― Albert Einstein


With Nature-tanusrirchokhe

Imagination is a great art ! The person who can imagine well, can also write well. Imagine life in your own way. There are different types of people,so there will be different types of imaginations in this world ! If you want to imagine something, I shall suggest not to read the books. First, you jot down your imaginations. Then you read different types of story books. Do you know why I am suggesting like this ? Because once you read the books, you will start to imagine the life like the author of that book which one you were reading. Of course, you will read books, but definitely after jotting down your own world, your own views and perspectives. Once you jot down your world, and then if you start reading the books, the author can’t erase your imagination permanently. It may happen , after reading the books, your…

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2 thoughts on “Imagination -A great Art !!

  1. Imagining what I can do, and keeping that focus, not listening to people around say they don’t want me to be disappointed when I fail, because, after all, who am I? I only am sad they are afraid to use their own imagination because they are afraid of risks. Heck, I should go sell cars or become a dental asst, then I wouldn’t have to try so hard.

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    1. well, Sonni , we can chose the easy way or the hard way in life but usually,from experience, i know that the hardest way brings the real joy and satisfaction . You are right to be sad about other people choiches one thing i know for sure – we can’t judge anyoane unless we know that person deeply . why ? the choiches they make may imply things we do not know ..i have a friend who was briliant at poetry but when he got 20 yo , he met a girl and … a child was born. from that point on his only tought was to do his best for his child . didn’t had time to write at full time , meditate,contemplate and all thethings needed to get our imagination loose ….
      Somethimes Sonni , life choses for us, not the other way …


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