Reader Request Friday 23 November

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As you may be aware, boottomlesscoffee007 from nominated me for the Friday Reader Request.

I gave a post here:

So, having given you time to ask questions, I will post my answers – THIS WEEK!  (I might do it again at some point in the future – but not next week.  I’ll notify if & when I elect to do it again.)


What first prompted you to research the truth of the Bible amongst all present available translations?

OK… I hope I can adequately answer that one.

Um… I guess it began when I was little.  I felt YAH (God) wanted me to be a Hebrew teacher, so I decided to start a Bible translation.  I actually made several false starts (“false” as in I kept losing interest, although the translations themselves were accurate) before (and once or twice after) I became a teenager.  And…

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