Smiling More.

Just Nita

Afternoon Everybody. How’s Everyone Feeling Today. I Hope Wonderful.

Let’s Chat A Minute About “Smiling More”. Let’s First Define The Word Smile. Well A Smile Is A Powerful Chemical Reaction In The Brain. That Can Make You Feel Happier.

Smiling And Laughing Can Lift Your Mood, Lower Stress, Boost Your Immune System. It Makes You Look Attractive, Your

Smile Also Says a Great Deal About You. Smiling Helps You Make A Better Impression.

It Also Make You More Approachable, More Confident. Smiling Spreads Joy, Smiling Attracts More Positive Energy, Makes You More Youthful. We All Need That Huh? Lol. Your Smile Can Lighten The Mood Of Any Situation You Find Yourself In.

Here Are A Few Quotes I Like About Smiling.

-Thank You For Being The Reason I Smile.

-I Fall For Your Smile Every Single Time.

-You Are Someone Reason To Smile.

-You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile.

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