The truth about nightshades—and whether you should avoid them

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November 19, 2018 at 03:00AM

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen shun them. Sophia Bush does, too. In fact, many MDs, chefs, and nutritionists have sworn them off entirely. Is it gluten? Dairy? Sugar? Nope—they?re all quitting nightshades.

Nightshades is the name for a group of fruits and veggies that includes eggplants, tomatoes, red peppers, and white potatoes. Some people have no problem at all with them—but not everyone. Why? ?Nightshades have glycoalkaloids in them—their own natural bug repellant,? explains Allen Campbell, the Brady/Bündchen family chef (and the man behind their pretty hardcore diet). Because of that rather nifty protective mechanism, they can cause inflammation in some people, exacerbating digestive and autoimmune problems.

Here?s what you need to know about the buzzy food group—and whether you should be going nightshade-free, too.

Photo: FoodiesFeed/Jakub Kapusnak

How nightshades work

The built-in bug repellant in nightshades is actually a particle called glycoalkaloid, says…

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