6 stretches to do before bed for a better night’s sleep

City Women & co

December 02, 2018 at 01:00PM

As any wellness junkie—or, you know, human with internet access—knows, a solid bedtime routine is a #majorkey to success. And while you may have your pre-lights-out regimen down to an art (ILYSM, journaling and meditation), there?s one thing worth adding to your nighttime to-do list for the sake of better sleep: A series of evening stretches.

?Stretching should be an important part of your evening routine,? explains international yogi Claire Grieve. ?Regular stretching helps to melt away daily tension, stress and worry. Stretching your hips is particularly useful for clearing the emotional junk from the day. Stretching in a passive, restorative way will prime your body for sleep by helping you to enter a state of relaxation.?

Cycling through a few cat-cows to start your morning may be second nature, but adding a bendy element in the evening can help you chill out…

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