Give your holiday appetizer spread a healthy upgrade with this cauliflower harvest pizza recipe

City Women & co

December 06, 2018 at 06:30PM

Picture this: Your besties lounging in your living room at your annual holiday get together, sipping vino, noshing on a homemade platter, and asking how you possibly managed to whip this up after a crazy 6 p.m. commute.

Your hack for prepping a restaurant-worthy spread without leaving the office early (or caving and ordering less-than-healthy takeout)? Leaning on the shortcut of dinner-party mavens everywhere—CAULIPOWER’s frozen cauliflower pizza crust.

For real: Just top the superfood crust with seasonal ingredients like butternut squash, cremini mushrooms, and baby kale—plus generous spoonfuls of cheese (or nut-based cheese for a dairy-free option), pop it in the oven, and you?re ready for guests.

Say goodbye to the classic Pinterest fails of DIY cauliflower pizza crust.

?I love the crispy, thin-crust bite,? says founder Gail Becker, who was inspired to make a veggie-based, gluten-free crust for her sons who…

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