If you are not yet married


If you are not yet married,
And want to be,
It is a good thing;
But you must be careful;
You must not hurry,
Else you mess up the thing;
You must take your time,
To make the story a success;
Don't meet someone today,
And get married the next day;
That, we call, blind diving;
You may hit your head
On a hard rock;
And you know what happens
When you do;
Know the one you want to take,
To make your partner for life;
Be sure it's someone
With whom you can make a happy life.
Someone who loves you and someone you love;
Someone who shares the same values like you;
And someone who is willing to do what it takes,
For a successful relationship;
Someone who is honest
Will make a better spouse
Than the one who is not;
And someone who is committed to
Your marriage…

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