LIVING IN THE MOMENT – Being Present With Bipolar Disorder

Take a Shot -Facing Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety and Suicide

quotes-about-enjoying-life99% percent of the time, I am NOT HERE.

I may be looking you dead in the eyes during a conversation, dancing at a party, laughing at somebody’s bad joke, or in the middle of sex with (who knows, really Lol) at night. But, I am not there. I AM NEVER HERE. My body exists in the moment, while my mind is either tracing back to the past, or driving 900 mph into the future that my life may hold. Problem is, I am aware that I cannot control either, and yet, that is where I spend most of my life, and have been all my life.

Do you ever feel like Bipolar disorder prevents you from enjoying the moment? I actually read a great article about this very topic, which inspired me to write my own, but with my perspective and experiences.

I connected with the author of the…

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