Social Pandering

R. Michael

In a world of partisan politics, debates about political correctness, and what content should or should not be in a work of fiction, it is difficult to craft stories.  Intent no longer appears to be a concern, nor age of a book when it comes to offending some people.  Years ago, this was a topic I touched on, but it is just as relevant today as it was then, if not more.

If you’ve followed my blog since it’s inception in 2014, you know that I feel it is never a story-teller’s job to pander, or to throw in content for the sake of sales.  We need to be true to the story.  After all, once a story becomes a published work it ceases to be solely ours.  Stories take on a life of their own, throwing in unnecessary political garbage or ideology severely impacts the work.  This is the…

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