The bloat-banishing foam rolling sequence that I’m bookmarking right this minute

City Women & co

December 07, 2018 at 04:26AM

Is there anyone who hasn?t dealt with annoying bloating at some point (if that?s you, I want to know your secret ASAP). Whether you experience a little gassiness on the reg, or maybe just occasionally, it doesn?t hurt to have a few tools in your wellness arsenal to use when it strikes. One powerful, yet unexpected one that you probably already own? The foam roller. And if you, like me, might be wondering how to use a foam roller to banish bloat, I?ve got you.

The foam roller is most commonly tapped to help work out sore muscles, but it can also be used like a yoga block to support poses that ease tumultuous digestive episodes. Just ask Lauren Roxburgh, body alignment specialist and fascia expert, who?s worked with a roster of A-listers that range from celebs to star athletes to high-profile surgeons.

When I try the…

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